Eligibility and Validation

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How are programs selected for inclusion in this directory?

First, programs must meet our eligibility requirements. We aim to share services and programs accessible to all. Programs found in this directory meet these requirements:

  • Provided by a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, or
  • Provided by a for-profit organization that offers
    • a no-charge service/program, or
    • a  sliding scale fee based on income level, or
    • scholarships for programs

Once programs meet our eligibility requirements, they are then validated by our staff before being approved for inclusion in the directory. Below you will find our validation process.

Validation Process

Before a program or event is approved for listing on the directory, we go through the following steps:

  • Programs offered by non-profit organizations:
  • Non-profit organizations are checked against the state's list of non-profit organizations.
  • Non-profit organizations are checked against the IRS list of tax-exempt organizations.
  • For all eligible programs:
  • We make a phone call to organizations and programs to validate that phone numbers are valid, that the contact person listed is current, that programs are available for youth (aged 0-21), and to verify hours of operation
  • We review the program website, making sure the program information on the website and on our directory listing is consistent
  • Account operators:
  • We ask that a designated person from each program commit to updating program information minimally once a year
  • Account operators must have an official title and correspond via an official email
  • We call the program to ascertain that the account operator exists
    • As our journeys take us to different places, account operators sometimes change. In this case, we are happy to assist with transitions in the directory.
  • Events listed on the directory:

As a directory, we do not host events. However, we love to share information about events!

  • Information about events are garnered from newsletters or from non-profit organizations, or from word of mouth
  • Events we share are free to attend